Welcome to Fremont United Methodist Church. Traditional Sunday Worship 9:30 am. We are located at 351 Butterfield St, Fremont, MI. A stepping stone to faith, love, and community.
Fremont United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
A stepping stone to faith, love, & community

Ministry in the Community

17 In the same way,
faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity.
                                                                       James 2:17 (CEB)
Mobile Food Truck
             On the first Tuesday of each month, we host the Mobile Food Truck.  
             All are welcome. 
             **July Food Truck will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month**
     mobile food truck ministry        mobile food truck volunteers passing out food
Ministry with Seniors
             On the third Saturday of every month, worship will take place at Transitional
             Health Care in Fremont at 10:15am. All are welcome to come and attend this
             small devotion or worship service with the residents of Transitional Health Care.
             Worship is usually led by Pastor Julie, but others may lead for her when she is
             On the fourth Thursday of every month, a worship service is  held at the Newaygo
             Medical Care Facility at 10:30am. All are welcome to attend. Worship is usually led
             by Pastor Julie, but others may lead for her when she is unavailable.  
             On the fourth Sunday of every month, a worship service is held at Fountain
             View at 2pm, led by Pastor Julie. All are welcome to come worship
             with the residents of the facility. 
            On the fourth Sunday of each month, a worship service is held at Green Acres
            at 3pm, led by Pastor Julie. All are welcome to come worship with the
            residents of the facility.  
ministry with seniors
                                        Circles of Newaygo Co. Program
                                 Building Community to End Poverty
Circles takes a long term approach toward ending poverty permanently in our community.
Each week, local families working to overcome poverty (Circle leaders) meet with community volunteers (Allies) over dinner. During the meetings, Circle leaders hone in on their goals toward self reliance. Over time, income improves, debt and public assistance decrease and valuable relationships are built. 
                          Fremont United Methodist Ramp Ministry Team 
Our team works with the Love In the Name of Christ Ministry of Newaygo Co. to help build ramps for local families in need. This vital ministry enables people to engage in an active and productive lifestyle and provides safe access in and out of their homes. It gives freedom, security, and peace of mind, not only to our neighbors in need, but to their families, as well. 

For information about our special events, 
please call the church office 231.924.0030
or check our calendar page by clicking on the event for more details.